Thursday, 3 February 2011

Midweek job roll: 3rd Feb

Tasty chemistry: If you’d like to be paid £20-25k to develop and test new flavours for soups, sauces and baked goods, look no further – with a diploma in science you could become a flavours application specialist in East Anglia. Some experience in the food industry required (unfortunately this probably doesn’t include a summer job shelf stacking in Tesco). Alternatively, if you “have experience with chocolate products” you may prefer this sensory and consumer scientist role in Berkshire. £30k and global travel, but a few more job-relevant pre-requisites.

Optimistic ad of the week: If you’ve lived a media-free life since the day this advert was placed, you may be tempted to become a research unit liaison group expert in pharmacokinetics, dynamics and metabolism. Quoted as a permanent role, one wonders how long it will exist in its advertised location.

PhD-qualified or experienced MSc medicinal chemists interested in a position across the border in Wales - this biotechnology company are offering £28k.

Among the plethora of analytical positions being advertised, two on NewScientistJobs are Up North: a development analyst role for a pharmaceutical company in Leeds (£23-27k, permanent); the other for an R&D analytical chemist in E Yorkshire which involves business travel (up to £35k, permanent).

Finally, ChemistryWorldJobs – run by the RSC – deserves special mention this week for its shiny new interface. Hopefully the number of jobs will increase accordingly, but already there are ads from Key Organics in Cornwall for contract synthetic organic chemists (plural, note!); and Lilly in Surrey for contract synthetic organic chemists (plural, again!) and a chromatographer.

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