Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend Job Roll: 27th March

It’s as though the recruitment agencies went on holiday for a week then came back on Monday and played catch-up. Here’s a round-up of this week’s tasty job morsels.

Syngenta are looking for a process chemist to be responsible for the chemistry carried out at one of their plants in Grangemouth. The role will involve improving processes and ensuring plant HSE compliance. Experience of scale-up, plant establishment and manufacture required, with ability to manage a team. £32k.

Alternatively, Rhodia are seeking a process supervisor in Oldbury (Midlands). Responsibilities include managing plant operators and developing the plant assets and process. Chemistry or chemical engineering background with a few years manufacturing experience would be desirable. £30-38k.

Imperial Innovations are recruiting a market research analyst to examine the commercial viability of inventions and evaluate the market for emerging technologies. This involves primary and secondary research, turning information into intelligence, and communicating this in reports and recommendations. Would suit a science graduate with related experience, an interest in emerging technologies and good communication skills. Desirable skills include a higher degree, experience with patents and an entrepreneurial attitude. £30-40k.

A 12-month opportunity is available for a PRINCE 2-qualified project manager with previous budgetary control. A CRO in Swindon is looking for someone with over 3 years’ experience in product development and/or project management in the pharmaceutical development industry. £30-40k.

Do you have experience with catalysts used in fuel emissions (and don’t need to refer to Wikipedia to find out that three way catalysts reduce NOx, as well as oxidising CO and unburnt hydrocarbons)? If so, a company with a small R&D team in Manchester is offering £25-35k for you and your PhD or industrial experience to be a catalyst development chemist.

Pot luck job of the week: Personal care manufacturer in Lancashire seeks organic chemist with PhD - £27k. What do you mean, you want more details?

Finally, a couple of positions advertised in January and February appear to be open again. First, a PhD chemist is required to become a senior technical assistant in Cambridge – designing and preparing monomers, polymers and small molecules to improve pOLED performance for use in display technologies. Second, a CRO is recruiting a research chemist in the Midlands to work in medicinal chemistry. £23-30k.


  1. Would be interesting to know which of the job links generates the most clicks!

  2. Agreed! Now I just need to work out how to use the technology to find out... :-)


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