Monday, 24 October 2011

24th October Jobroll: Practical Chemistry

Today’s selection of practical chemistry jobs are from ChemistryWorldJobs:

A company in the South East is looking for scientists to work in the research team, developing high activity heterogeneous catalysts. The assistant chemist (£19-25k) will have lab experience, preferably preparing, testing and analysing heterogenous catalysts. The senior chemist (£25-36k) will have PhD level experience, a strong understanding of heterogenous catalysis and development, and experience with a few specified catalytic reactions.

KalVista in Southampton are recruiting a medicinal chemist to the drug discovery team. Designing target compounds, and designing and optimising synthetic routes to targets, the role requires a PhD or degree with 2 years lab experience and a knowledge of the drug discovery process. 12-month contract initially.

Another medicinal chemistry department requires a research scientist at Oxfordshire-based Vertex. Similar job description and experience to the above, permanent position.

Contract research organisation Peakdale Molecular are offering a number of positions to synthetic organic chemists at various levels, to join teams working to complete synthetic projects to tight deadlines. 6-month contracts and permanent positions are available, based in either the new Discovery Park in Sandwich (Kent) or the Peak District.

Finally, a research chemist (£30k) is required at Lubrizol, near Derby. The successful candidate will carry out the synthesis and process development of speciality chemicals used as engine oil additives, remaining involved with the chemistry up to production and commercialisation. PhD or good degree with speciality chemical industry experience.

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