Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Twitter Tuesday

An occasional feature covering items of interest from the Twittersphere:

German-speaking jobseekers will certainly want to sign up to the @stellenfuerchem Twitter feed, which includes daily listings of German chemistry jobs. The related website also features weekly English summaries for those in need of a translation.

Spotted via @MonsterCareers and @careersherpa comes an article from @fishdogs on “5 Ways to Change Career”. Tips include looking at suppliers and service-providers of your current company, identifying skills used outside of work and effective networking. It also includes a neat pie chart which highlights the balance between skills, desires and money – where are you?

@dherman76 links to his article “Tips for Being the Young Punk at the Table” published on his website and guest-posted on Business Insider (@businessinsider). While written with the young executive in mind, it is equally relevant to those starting out in their career that may face challenges being taken seriously by some older colleagues. Tips include “dress the part”, “do not talk for the sake of talking”, and my personal favourite: “act as if”. The latter refers to a scene in the movie Boiler Room (which I hadn’t seen before) – but it carries a similar message to the one my driving instructor gave me: “To pass your test, you need to stop thinking like a learner, and start thinking like someone who’s already got their licence.”

For those contemplating a career in copy editing, this article linked by @TheSfEP is well worth a read.

And finally, a link from @AkshatRathi to a collection of classic Dilbert strips, all concerning the corporate infestation that is PowerPoint.

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