Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29th Feb Jobroll

Have experience in the pharmaceutical industry? Takeda Cambridge invites you to be a senior scientist working in medicinal chemistry. PhD and previous delivery of pre-clinical candidates desired.

Have experience in the pharmaceutical industry? Don’t be applying for this R&D chemist position in East Anglia. Your knowledge of reactive chemistry will “not be suitable for this role”, being as it involves process development and fractional distillation in the production of ingredients for food/flavour/fragrance/etc industries. Exposure to pilot plant, extraction technologies and project managements skills are, on the other hand, preferable.

Experience in personal or household care? With 2-3 years in formulation behind you and a good understanding of surfactant chemistry, there’s an opportunity to become a senior household chemist in Brixworth (Northants) (up to £30k).

No experience and just want to get away from it all? A degree in chemistry, flexibility and an ability to solve problems puts you in good stead to become an Antarctic atmosphere scientist (£21k+). The 18-month contract begins with training in Cambridge, followed by a year at the Halley or Rothera research stations. This could include studying the ozone hole, taking samples for studying pollution, or carrying out polar atmospheric chemistry research in the Clean Air Sector Lab.

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