Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February: JM Jobs Special – Part 1

A ray of hope shines through the snowy skies this week, with speciality chemical company Johnson Matthey currently advertising a wide range of scientific jobs on their careers site. A significant proportion are based at the UK Technology Centre in Sonning Common (Berks) and European Technology Centre in Roysten (Herts), and cover everything from summer placements through to experienced and specialised hires.

Today’s selection are from the former site, where free lunch at the on-site restaurant comes as one of the perks.

A research scientist (£26.5-27k) to prepare, characterise and test homo- and heterogeneous catalysts for conversion of biomass to chemicals. Relevant PhD or degree + industrial experience required; autoclave experience advantageous.

A catalyst scientist (£26.5-27k) - initially on a 2 year contract - in the Platinum Group Metal division. Working on light hydrocarbon catalysis, including dehydrogenation, selective oxidation and steam reforming. Relevant PhD or degree + industrial experience required, with significant amount of experience synthesising, characterising and testing catalysts.

A technical officer – initially on a 1 year contract – to join the Platinum Group Metal Applications Group. Working on developing low temperature gas phase heterogenous catalysts for use in consumer applications. Good degree required, with experience in GC.

Two more specialised positions:

The Catalyst and Materials Group seeks a glass scientist on a 1 year contract to prepare glass frit compositions. PhD or equivalent, with relevant experience (!)

A research scientist in electrochemistry (£23-25k) initially on a 1 year contract to focus on catalyst, electrode and cell-design challenges related to electro-synthesis and fuel cell technology. First degree with knowledge of electrochemistry required.

More JM jobs coming up later in the week....

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