Monday, 14 May 2012

14th May Jobroll

A selection of organic chemistry positions from the job boards:

Ascent Scientific, a biochemical company near Bristol, is looking for two newly qualified PhDs or graduates with experience to join them as synthetic organic chemists. The role entails manufacturing complex organic molecules, improve manufacturing capability and assessing projects for their potential profitability. Closes 17th May.

Redx Oncology is recruiting three medicinal chemists (£28-36k) at their new drug discovery facilities in Liverpool. Pharma experience with knowledge of compound design and optimisation, and an aptitude for people management required. 

Celtic Catalysts is seeking a synthetic organic chemist (£25k+, 6month contract) to work in their small production facility in Middlesborough. GMP/non-GMP synthesis to 20L for custom and routine products. Industrial experience, including scale-up and knowledge of process development, required.

Charnwood Molecular, a CRO in Loughborough, is hiring medicinal and process chemists with several years relevant industrial experience. This includes either: parallel synthesis and knowledge of drug design/lead identification/lead optimisation; or scale-up from mg to gram to 20L.

Two organic development chemists are sought by a CRO/CMO in N Ireland to carry out gram synthesis, process development for scale-up, and support of projects in the kilo lab/pilot plant. Relevant industrial experience and familiarity with GMP required.

A chemical manufacturer in the South West is advertising for an R&D chemist to carry out process development, 20L non-GMP/GMP lab production, and plant support. Knowledge and understanding of process chemistry and scale-up, and experience performing batch reactions at 20L required.

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