Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A chemical saved my bacon

Unrelated to jobs, but doing the rounds on the chemistry blogs and Twitter, is the idea to develop a pro-chemistry ad campaign. Conceived in a post by Paul on the Chembark blog, it aims to “come up with examples where chemistry and chemicals have helped society” and “educate the public with a small, digestible morsel of the good of chemistry”.

A number of great ads have already been created, including by Sam at Everyday Scientist, Klaas Wynne and commenter MRW. Here’s my contribution:
Sources include: “facts” from Wikipedia; an article from the University of Minnesota; a recent journal article on nitrite levels in vegetables (admittedly, only with access to the abstract); and for research impartiality,  an article from Natural News. Photo courtesy of Mrs LabMonkey, with no copyright restrictions (the one-off fee of a bacon sandwich has already been paid...)

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