Wednesday, 26 September 2012

26th Sept Graduate Jobroll

The graduate jobroll continues with a selection of positions away from the fumehood.

A personal care company is looking for a technical services associate (£24-26k) in the City of London, to manage manufacturers and stakeholders to ensure the quality and compliance of their products. This regulatory/quality role requires a degree, and will apparently “catapult you into the stratosphere”.

A Cheshire-based separation science company seeks a chromatography technical sales consultant to sell and support products and solutions to customers in New Zealand. Includes business travel. Requires a degree or PhD.

A Bristol-based supplier of scientific instruments is recruiting a chemistry graduate to the role of sales executive, pitching to the research industry in UK and Ireland. Includes frequent travel to meetings and exhibitions. Masters or PhD required.

Recruitment agency SCI is hiring an apprentice scientific recruitment consultant (£18-20k), to be located in Cheshire. With an OTE of £40k, this is an attractive option for a graduate looking to move away from the bench.

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