Monday, 1 October 2012

1st October Jobroll

Pharma jobs across the pay grades, advertised over the last week.

A contract manufacturer and developer in N Ireland is looking for both a synthetic organic chemist (£18-21k) and an analytical chemist (£18-21k). The former will develop processes for transfer to kilo lab/pilot plant, where they will support plant operators. The latter will perform method development/validation and routine analytical testing to support project requirements. Both positions specify that candidates be experienced.

A company in the East Midlands seeks a medicinal chemist (£20-30k). PhD with industrial experience required.

A company in the South West seeks a senior scientist (£28-33k) to perform multi-step synthesis in a high throughput lab. PhD and industry experience required.

A Dorset-based manufacturer of chemicals used in pharma is recruiting a process R&D supervisor (£45-50k) to lead their group of PR&D chemists. Responsible for technical oversight of all projects, providing expertise, evaluating customer projects and managing resource, the successful candidate will have significant relevant experience. This includes project management in a CMO, process development, scale-up to KL/PP and transfer to production, and a PhD.

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