Wednesday, 14 December 2011

14th December Jobroll

Less than a fortnight til Christmas, and you’d think recruiters would be too busy getting ready for or recovering from their office parties. Not these guys – there’s jobs to fill!

The Met Office has 3 scientific positions for those with an interest in meteorology:

- An Observations Data Analyst (£20-22.5k) in Edinburgh to scrutinise data in their climate database and provide advice to customers.

- A Defence Data Assimilation Research Scientist (£21.5-31.5k) for a 3-year contract in Exeter developing, testing and supporting “regional data assimilation capabilities for defence purposes”. Degree, scientific programming ability and ability to analyse data required.

- A Senior Defence Data Assimilation Research Scientist (£25.5-38.5k) for a 3-year contract in Exeter carrying out a similar role to the above. Stronger scientific programming and data analysis skills required.

- There are also a range of summer placements for A-level students, undergrads and recent graduates. Programmes include Forecasting Service Delivery, Weather Science and Climate Science

Privately owned, Northern Ireland-based CRO/CMO Almac also have a few positions available – all coming with a bumper 34 days holiday allowance:

- Medicinal Chemists – requires degree, industrial medchem experience, and automated synthesis and purification experience. PhD and/or Postdoc advantageous.

- ADME/DMPK Scientist – degree, preferably PhD and/or industrial experience; experience of in vitro ADME methods and.or quantitative LCMS/MS advantageous.

Their website also has a whole host of additional contract and permanent positions, including: Technical Leader, Project Manager, Analytical Chemist (MS), NMR Analyst, Analyst, Senior Analyst, Analytical Team Leader, Chemical Engineer, Procurement and HSE.

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